Dosage & Transfer

We design and integrate fluid transfer and dosing systems for any type of pump, including:

  • Hydraulic and mechanical accessories
  • Instruments
  • Control and power panels

Compact dosing skids are delivered fully assembled and ready to install and start dosing, with various configuration options to adapt to your project needs. 


PD Series

Configuration level: High    

Control: Optional

  • Structure adapted to any configuration of active and reserve pumps:
    • Open or closed
    • Plastic or metallic
    • Optional tank
  • Materials for the accessories and pipes are selected according to the chemical compatibility of the reagents
  • Possibility for process automization with the incorporation of a control and power panel that can include:
    • Variable frequency drives
    • PLC signal management with programming
    • Touchscreen or keypad interface


S Series

Configuration level: High

Reagent type: Reagents without maturation period

  • Tank volume from 130l to 1,000l
  • Polypropylene tank
  • Manual Control
  • Optional assemblies for installation of:
    • Pumps
    • Low or high-speed agitator
    • Conical dispenser
  • Level measurement:
    • Visual display
    • Optional pneumatic level switch
  • Optional safety tank