Optimization and Automation

Increasing the productivity of your plant

In a highly competitive and resource-constrained environment, industry is increasingly demanding knowledge and control of its processes in order to optimise costs, reduce consumption and improve the performance of equipment and people.

At DMT we assist you to understand the dosing and chemical addition process implemented and other operations associated with them (reagent preparation, homogenization and mixing,…). We evaluate them and identify possible points of improvement in order to increase the current and future productivity and efficiency of your plant.

Working along the entire value chain (from equipment design and product selection to commissioning and maintenance and repair services) gives us a holistic view, allowing us to address multiple parameters simultaneously, reducing the total lifetime cost of equipment.


DMT servicio de Optimización y Automatización


One of our main tools in this respect is automation, offering complete solutions for controlling liquid fluid parameters in industrial processes, designed to integrate with the rest of the plant.

Some examples of applications are chemical dosing, turbidity control, pH adjustment or corrosion level.