Customized and tailored to your needs

Knowing the utility of each piece of equipment and its operation allows you to bring out its full operating potential and maximize your output.   

At DMT we consider training to be an important complement to the purchase of a product or installation, both for the people who will directly operate the equipment and for those responsible for the design of our commercial and distribution installations and equipment.

That’s why we adapt to each case to coordinate training that is appropriate to your needs and in the format that best suits the requirements of each specific case. 

On-site training

At DMT we travel to the site of the installation, allowing the installation team to know the details of the equipment supplied, to carry out a safe and proper operation according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.    

We have conducted training in various countries.

DMT servicio de formación en planta
DMT formación en nuestras instalaciones

Training at our facilities

We coordinate specific courses or workshops on our products (of our own design or those of our represented brands), to understand their operation, technical characteristics or to solve any post-sale queries.  

We welcome you at any of our workplaces: DMT North in Derio (province of Vizcaya) and DMT Centre in Arganda del Rey (province of Madrid).

Online training

Without the need to travel, we regularly organize thematic seminars to learn more about specific equipment and applications.

Please consult us if you have any questions and we propose to work together to get to know our team of technicians or sales agents better, making your daily work easier.

DMT formación online