Supervision and commissioning of installations

We undertake the supervision and hydraulic, mechanical and electrical commissioning of your installations, including:

  • Saving staff resources: facility, procurement and specialist staff.
  • Reducing lead times by coordinating between equipment supply and installation.
  • Comprehensive guarantee of the assembly.
  • Technical development and execution in detail.


DMT servicio de puesta en marcha de POLYPACK en planta


We include the following services:

Hydrostatic test

  • Control of the system’s hydraulic connections to the installation lines.
  • Control of the hydraulic suction circuit.
  • General control of the system’s internal hydraulic circuits.
  • Perform hydrostatic testing according to manufacturer’s standards or established project-specific procedures.
  • Submission of the corresponding report.

Electrical system maintenance

  • Control of equipment connections to the installation.
  • Checking the connections of other system components (e.g. frequency inverters) and their compatibility according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Verification of signal transmission and reception.

Water operations test 

  • Verify that all equipment is in proper mechanical and electrical condition according to the manufacturer’s operating instructions.
  • Verification that the limit operating points specified by the manufacturer on the equipment are reached.
  • Verification that the associated safety and control elements are functioning as defined in the documentation provided.
  • Confirmation of the calibration of the fittings you apply, in communication samples with the DCS of the installation.
  • Operating samples of local control panels.
  • Collection of representative data from samples and development of graphical documentation (calibration curves).